Google Earth Pro and CAD Data

Upgrade to Google Earth PRO .. now for free!

Most people have probably used Google Earth, or at least Street View on the online maps.

But Google have a PRO version of Google Earth that extends the functionality and quality of the experience. It used to cost $399 for the PRO version .. not any more!

Additional features include:

  • more advanced measuring tools (areas, heights, view sheds);
  • printing with higher resolution aerial photography;
  • import GIS data (bring in and overlay your CAD data!);
  • create premium animations;
  • map making tool.

Easy enough to get started you will need a Google Earth Pro Key – that is easy – apply here.

Once armed with your key – you will need the actual programme – download here.

Be sure to talk to us about using your spatial data in Google Earth .. we can save survey data straight to KML/Z files for use within Earth – so you can see your lease outlines in Earth, you can even link to documents like the PDF lease plan from within Earth, giving your documents a spatial index or context.

For an example on using Earth for spatial access to documents – check out a previous blog post titled “Using Google Earth on the Government Precinct Redevelopment project“.