Our firm undertakes a large range of tradtional surveying projects of varying sizes across Australia. We are leaders in leasing, cadastral, construction, GNSS (GPS) surveys and due diligence reports for high value transactions.

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High Definition Surveying

With recent significant investments in hardware and software, we can capture a site faster and more complete than ever. We can measure your site and provide a "point cloud" of millions of measurements to capture your sites for heritage or design purposes.

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Point Cloud Modelling

This involves taking hundreds of millions of points captured via HD Surveying and turning it into a 3D drafted model. We can model all manner of objects including walls, pipes, steel, masonary - all to survey grade precision.

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Town Planning

Our Town Planning team can assist with development applications, negotiations with Council, sensitive sites including heritage and more.

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Building Information Modelling

BIM is the final step in the HD surveying workflow - capturing millions of points via scanners, modelling them and for BIM - adding data about the objects to make the model "intelligent".

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Information Technology

Our team has a diverse array of experience including GIS, BIM, asset management, custom large scale web applications and more.

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